Jan. 27th to Feb. 27 - Group Exhibition | Galerie Sycomore Art in Paris

On January 27 with the opening of the group show at Galérie Sycomore in Paris entitled Contemporaneous, its partnership with Galeria Eduardo H. Fernandes, São Paulo, was sealed. The exhibition is the result of all the work that the marchand has been developing for the last three years in the international market, with the aim at showing outside Brazil the production of his artists, and to bring foreign artists to show at this gallery, in Vila Madalena, São Paulo.

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“I believe that this interchange of contemporary art is vital and very rich for all involved. It is important to open a space to talk about the creative process, the influence in the art, its social role nowadays and to widen the horizon in partnerships such as this, part of my work project at the gallery!” said Eduardo.

The exhibition in Paris comprises artists working with Galeria Eduardo H Fernandes who live in Brazil: Alberto Lefèvre, Ana Nitzan, Ana Amélia Genioli, Cristina Sá, Gustavo Von Há, Eduardo Climachauska, Newman Schutzen, Renata Padovan, Renata Barros, Ofra Grinfeder. Only two artists, who live in New York, will not participate in this group show in Paris: Kristin Capp, who is in a group show at the Whitney Museum, New York, and the Brazilian artist Márcia Grostein. Vicente Mello is having a solo exhibition at Maison Européene de la Photographie, in Paris, and at the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo, in Brazil.

As part of this partnership established between the two galleries, French artists will also show their works in São Paulo, in a group exhibition to be organized at Galeria Eduardo H Fernandes, in Vila Mariana, during the month of December. “The curatorship of this show at Galérie Sycomore is not yet concluded. This is a good opportunity for the public to get to know a little more about the contemporary artists from France and Brazil. Something that deserves attention!” observed Eduardo Fernandes.

Before this group show, however, this partnership has had institutional results during art fairs. In April at the SP Arte 2007, in São Paulo, both galleries presented their artists together and in Paris last October 2007, the two galleries worked together at the Contemporary Art Fair.

Clóvis Tôrres