September 21st to October 21st - Exhibition | Eduardo Climachauska


São Paulo gets a new art gallery, in a personalized space at Vila Madalena, a dream come true for the art dealer Eduardo Fernandes, who for eight years has been active with his art office in the domestic and international markets.
On September 21, at Rua Harmonia, 145, in Vila Madalena, in São Paulo, Galeria Eduardo H. Fernandes opened, with eleven young artists – many well-known in the art market, representing different media such as: photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and video. The gallery opened its doors with an exhibition of Eduardo Climachauska (see below)
For Eduardo Fernandes the gallery emerges specially as a need to create a space with the artists with whom it has been working, where they may show their work processes, emphasizing their individual thought and expression, enabling more dialog with the public. The main characteristic of Galeria Eduardo H Fernandes is the exhibition of each artist’s PROCESS and providing a space for a debate on contemporary art. In addition to exhibitions, the gallery will organize discussions and courses to promote the artistic work and stimulate the discussion between visitors and artists.
“I believe in the artist’s work as a process and for this reason the gallery emerges as a space so that the public may take advantage of the thought and expression of my artists as a whole, as opposed to the art office that presented only a small part of the whole production by each artist”, pointed out Eduardo Fernandes.


Alberto Lefévre
Eduardo Climachauska
Newman Schutze
Gustavo Von Há
Cristina Sá
Ofra Grinfeder
Renata Padovan
Vicente de Mello
Kristin Capp 
Ana Amélia Gernioli