Nov. 29th to Dec. 23th - Exhibition | Newman Schutze

The paintings of Newman Schutze have been known for over two decades in Brazil and abroad. In addition to participating in group and solo exhibitions, the artist has won several prizes in Brazil and has received special mention with his works in Madrid (Spain), Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Berlin and Cologne (Germany), and New York (USA).
However, there is something new in his path: for the first time in São Paulo he presents his drawings in nankeen (Indian ink) and is extremely happy to show them precisely at Galeria Eduardo H Fernandes, as a continuation to his work in drawings, started in 2003 in an exhibition at the São Paulo Cultural Center, using graphite on paper and oil.
"The drawing has not the characteristic of a representation. It only takes into account the paper, the nankeen and the gesture itself. I am not concerned in representing anything, as the work in itself is the result of a minimalist research. Even though I work a lot with black, I have started to use colors a little, allowing some resonance in the process”, observed Newman Schutze.

For him, his drawings and paintings are not the consequence of one another, even though there is a dialog between the two languages. His work is in a unique moment, as it is comprised in itself, providing an outflow for the poetry of the artist’s rediscovery in his multiple possibilities.

In the opinion of the art critic Guy Amado, "(..) these drawings are not in the service of a representation of deliberate transposition of, say, a specific concept for the world of form. In reality, they are not impregnated with any ambition whatsoever, only those of constituting an index of its own representation, marking a process of plastic thought based mainly on the desire to investigate inner poetic aspects.(...)"