Aug. 14th to Oct. 14th - Daily Life | Kristin Capp

The exhibition shows black and white photographies of daily scenes, using a Rolleyflex camera, taken by the respected artist, Kristin Capp, who is showing her work in New York, Paris, Chicago and has her work in important private contemporary art collections.
In 2007, on Tuesday, August 14 at 7 pm, Galeria Eduardo H Fernandes welcomed the public for the opening of the exhibition COTIDIANO.  With 22 black and white photos, KRISTIN CAPP, North American, had her first solo show in Brazil. Capp has had shows at The Whitney Museum in New York, Paris National Library, Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris and Chicago Museum. As a result of Capp’s meticulous work that consecrated her internationally, she published the following books: Hutterite: A World of Grace (Stemmle, Zurich, Switzerland, in 1998), Americana (Stemmle, Zurich, Switzerland, in 2000) and Keeping the Embers Alive: Musicians of Zimbabwe, Africa (World Press, in 2007). Her photographs can be found in several contemporary art collections.

Daily moments and spaces photographed by Capp form a diagram, as she is happy to accept ambiguity as a condition to meaning and to embrace reticence as a style strategy. “In form, her images are direct and objectives, not pretentious, without the multiple interest centers and without the syncope of echoes, in a typical manner with the focus on more self-awareness and self-reference.  This makes her seem to disappear even when actively directing our eyes to what she has seen. Not every photo is necessarily simple, however. Her photos of people may be so indirect and evasive as when we look at a baby with the back turned to us, immobile behind the shop window, as an exposed manikin forcing us to ask:  why?”
The critic observes that the relative quality of the contingent images is familiar to those who are aware of contemporary photography. “What distinguishes the photos by Capp is the devotion to the particularity of the place (...).  Her camera does not interpose between the fast food chain and an identical restaurant along the roads. These signs of national uniformity are not present in Capp’s vision of the world. She does not allow the worst aspects of modern life to interfere in her registering. This is true even when she is inside a hotel in Bowery; instead of dirt she sees comfort, as a neat line of match boxes used as a self portrait for some precious photos”.

This is her passion for daily life, filtered by her Rolleyflex that the artist shows at the Gallery on October 14. An exhibition that in addition to revealing the eye of Kristin Capp, shows us also the American contemporary culture that is not so devoid of soul and meaning as we can imagine.