Jul. 11st to Aug. 11st - Transparencies | Gallery Artists
Eduardo Fernandes Gallery

This exhibition showed works by 12 artists that comprised paintings, drawings, photographies, objects and video art. Curator: Eduardo Fernandes.

Alberto Lefèvre, Ana Amélia Genioli, Cristina Sá, Eduardo Climachauska, Gustavo Von Há, Kristin Kapp, Márcia Grostein, Newman Schutze, Ofra Grinfeder, Otávio Shipper, Renata Padovan and Vicente de Mello are the artists who have been working with Galeria Eduardo H Fernandes and who showed their works in this group exhibition.

“Transparency is a sample of what the Gallery has been showing, it provides a general picture of the production by all the artists and clearly shows the present issue we are faced with: the search for the truth in all relationships – political, love, social, individual, in addition to showing the technical overlapping of planes, the multiplicity of works, the possibilities. This exhibition is important because it shows well the quality and diversity of the artists working with the gallery. Those who are not yet familiar with our work will have a general idea of the production; those who are familiar will have the opportunity, for the first time, to see the different approaches on the same theme”, said Eduardo Fernandes, curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition can be seen Mondays through Saturdays, from 11 am to 6 pm, free of charge.

Galeria Eduardo H Fernandes was created after Eduardo’s eight years of continuous work in an Art Office and it has contemporary art as its priority; Eduardo has been working with the international market, organizing and taking artists to Miami and Paris, mainly.