Oct. 03rd to Nov. 03rd - Per. Médio Per.tinente | Ana Amélia Genioli and Márcia Grostein

Ana Amélia Genioli, from São Paulo, presented from October 3, at 7 pm, to November 3, 2006, at Galeria Eduardo H Fernandes (Rua Harmonia, 145, Vila Madalena) a solo exhibition entitled “Per-medio Per-tinente Per-Ai”. An exhibition that is part of the off-biennial circuit, including five photographs and five new drawings organized in two rooms. The critical text if by Juliana Monachesi [attached]. In parallel, in the same place and period, there is a video exhibition by Márcia Gronstein.

The photographs as well as the drawings show the artist’s same intense research and poetic pulsation, that completes 11 years of a career [started in 1995 with a solo show at Itaúgaleria, in Vitória]. Ana Amélia Genioli exhibited previously at Paço das Artes (1995, 1997 and 2005), MAC-Museum of Contemporary Art (1995 and 1996), Sesc Paulista (2001-2), Sesc Pompéia (2004), MuBE (2003-4), Porto Seguro Cultural Space (1998), Yves Alves Cultural Center, in Tiradentes (1999) and participated in the group show “Clube Estrela do Pari” (2005).
In the black and white photography there is an image  at a first objective glance of the eye  a human figure that is doing an action and is subject, at the same time, to the flitting effect of a huge white fabric. Such fabric is frozen in space and multiplies itself in many planes, that entangle, criate transparencies and find different levels of occupation in the photographic field.
In the images a man’s body now hides passively, then becomes a provoking object of the white color gradations of the successive movement of the sheet. The work is close to registering a performance, but it has autonomy, as the artist manipulates and selects the images that enter in tune with her poetic process. The series, measuring 1m x 0.75m, was done using a digital camera.
In the seires of drawings, intimately connected to the photographs, Ana Amélia Genioli makes impressions with dry pastel on Fabriano paper. Here also the traces are repeted and superimposed, having a human figure subtly represented. The dissolution of the image also occurs.

“The works talk of the language as a displacement experience. In the photographs the idea is to capture in the images, the subtleties of the between, the instance moments, the senses that are generated by the movement of the body in a choreography with the fabric. In the drawings made by monotypes, apprehending traces of bodies that slide on leaves, generating unique proofs on paper”, she observed.

Ana Amélia Genioli, born in 1965, studied with Carlos Fajardo (1991-94) and Ana Maria Tavares (1996-98), took the post-doc course  “Hypertext, Hypermedia, Hyperimage: a new communication fenomenology”, at the College of Communication Sciences – Autonomous University of Barcelona (2001) and post-doc in communication and semiotics at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (2003-5). The artist has done a Master’s degree and her initial academic studies was Architecture (FAU-PUC in Campinas).
Ana Amélia started her career as a painter and the drawing is one of the basis of her production. The research has been one of the highlighted aspects of her artistic conduct, what is justified by her interest in using different medias, including video and digital technology.