July 19th to August 18th - Cesium Tours | Jan Smith
Galeria Eduardo Fernandes

Exhibition Cesium Tours

July 19th to August 18th

Opening†| August 19th | 7 pm

Two years after the exhibition Absence and Abandonment at the Gallery Eduardo Fernandes, Jan Smith presents his exhibition Cesium Tours.

Cesium Tours it is a visual study of the radioactive and abandoned areas near to Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plants.

The images of Cesium Tours deviate from the sensationalism and report the story of those places and the intimacy of the evacuated spaces rescuing the cities in order to think about the hidden danger of nuclear energy, and its persistence and the right to belonging where you can no longer inhabit.

Jan Smithís work documents places that are disappearing from contemporary social memory, either by physical decadence or a lack of general knowledge. His relationship with photography is described as an anticipated sorrow to that isnít seen and itís being forgotten. His work is recognized by several associations and international media, including several IPAís (International Photographer's Association) prizes, and, recently, won PDNís One Life. In 2010 Jan Smith was nominated for the best exhibition in PhotoImagen 2010. The most recent exhibitions were at MACC (Museum of Contemporary Art of Campinas) in Brazil, Museum of Modern Art of Mexico City in Mexico and in Erdmann Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa.