10/03/2015 - 30/03/2015 - Nø 58 | CONTRAMÃO, or "Upstream"

Inspired by the fact of being a "lefty" (people who are left-handed), the artist contests the relation between the excluded and the excluder, suggesting to rethink the ways in which groups considered as minorities are treated. The series of works is the result of a creative process, similar to a short-circuit, where the logic is inverted, leading to a new reading of texts, objects, drawings, posters, and an intervention on the wall of the gallery. Based on an observation of contemporary social behaviour, Garcia explores the remains of a prejudice against lefties, and exposes the more conventional aspects present in common utensils. He revisits structures that are designed for right-handed persons, as a way of metaphorically suggesting a more equalitarian world. The artist recently participated in the last International Bienal of São Paulo in 2014, and collaborated in the collective project: in Ruangrupa (Indonesia), as well as FRESTAS - a trienal of the Arts in the SESC of Sorocaba. || Opening: March 10 2015, at 19hs Visiting hours: March 11 to 30 2015, Tuesday to Friday, from 10 to 19hs, Saturdays, from 10 to 18hs. ||